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Biografica Dino Fiorenza
Mr. VESTER : I just can say that this is absolutely MY reference bass. The gear I used ever since... My first and last one. I bought it at the very beginning of my career, at a very low price, but then opportunely customized. It has maple body and neck, with rosewood fingerboard, and sports two DiMarzio pickups (Alchemy 101 at the bridge and Dp122 at the neck position), a Hipshot D-Tuner and, of course, invaluable Galli strings!
IBANEZ : The only bass guitar with more than 4 strings that I own. I am essentially a traditionalist. I own this bass since January 2000, and use it when a softer and more round sound is required. Moreover, its six strings gave me inspiration to rearrange guitar musical parts to be played on bass.
IBANEZ ACOUSTIC :This is an acoustic bass I mostly use in solo playing or with the Strummula band, and with which I use to try emulating the well-known finger-percussion playing style used by guitar players like Andy McKee, Kaky King, Tommy Emmanuel and others...
VESTER FRETLESS : Here it is, my fretless Vester, first used during the recording of Marco Sfogli album, and immediately falled in love with the voice of this fantastic instrument... Of course, essential DiMarzio ultrajazz and split-P pickups at the bridge and neck positions respectively.
DINO FIORENZA SIGNATURE : this instrument, built for me by Raroguitar luthier, embodies my crazy ideas: I have a Floyd Rose on the bass guitar, at last!!!
VESTER SUNBURST : To conclude this section, here it is my Vester sunburst bass guitar, used for softer musical settings. Irreplaceable DiMarzio pickups and gorgeous "Black Nylon" Galli strings.